A useful checklist when you deposit real money online for the first time in a casino

Before signing up at a casino and using real money at the Casino Online:

  • read several objective reviews
  • contact customer service with general concerns, e.g. about verification to test reaction time and efficiency
  • check the help section for existing payment methods and conditions for successful payouts
  • Test the games in demo mode to make sure they are running properly and get you used to the game
  • At first, you prefer German casinos to rule out license problems
  • you may want to read our guides to card games or table games to find out about variants of the games and possible strategies
  • Take advantage of the welcome bonus, but never pay too much the first time, maybe you do not like the casino and then you have money stuck there
  • Use free spins and promotions to test different areas and games

Before you get down to a specific game:

  • Be sure to read our reviews to know about RTP, possible bonus and free spin rounds, and maximum bets
  • always read our guides on card and table games, sports betting and live casino to be informed about variants of the games and possible strategies
  • you are welcome to read the gaming experience of other players on their pages or forums
  • What you should always keep in mind at all times

Whatever should apply is setting a budget – money you can easily do without – for one matchday / week / month, which you should not under any circumstances exceed!

Be aware that not always winning and chasing losses can be a very dangerous game!

Our advice is practically based on two elements: find out in advance and grope yourself with care until you feel safe.

And now to practice: how do you play successfully in online casino Africa?

We’ll be honest with you: when it comes to slot machines, there’s no real strategy you can apply these days. When these were still actual machines and had a mechanical “heart”, it was quite possible to outsmart them with statistics and probabilities, because all machines eventually develop a pattern that we can recognize.

The modern video slots are based on a computer-controlled random number generator, which can be hacked only with sophisticated electronic devices directly at the slot machine. This is not a good idea or any benefit from online casinos. In online casinos, you can generally no really useful strategy, no matter what games you play.

But when we talk about table games and we count the card games to them, then you can indeed learn and apply strategies that give you a more or less big advantage in a casino. Roulette and probability are interconnected, as we have already learned above, so it certainly pays to use mathematical knowledge to predict the jump of the ball.

Also in poker there are some dos and don’ts that you definitely should have always present and with the different variants of the game, there are also different strategies that you can learn.

A game where strategies are definitely worth it is blackjack, because with simple systems such as the Hi-Low strategy, you can significantly influence the outcome of the rounds of play, as the initial odds in this game look very good for you. If you’re a little math genius, there’s nothing wrong with learning more about card counting. But be very careful not to get caught, because card counting leads to house bans in most casinos and the security staff, as well as croupiers, always pay attention to the body language of the players with eagle eyes.

Another table game, which allows a degree of strategic thinking and where you can place your bets accordingly is Craps, even if this game is perhaps not as common in German casinos, as in American casinos.

Finally, we have sports betting where you can also apply some strategies that will help you to reduce the house edge of the bookmaker. Of course, you can also get intensively familiar with the sport or event mentioned above to guess the winners and handicaps, but that may not be as easy as first thought.

In our test of online casinos in Africa, we have tested some strategies and probabilities for all areas and described in detail. Check it out to find out more about our experiences and comments! For more advanced players we can suggest the following page where you can learn some very useful casino tricks. Often casino games are offered for free and offer another great opportunity without losing credits to try the various slots once.