A success story of the online casino industry – from vending machine displays to international corporations

In the history of gambling, slot machines did not appear until the end of the 19th century, ie comparatively late, during industrialization. However, after the industrial age came into its own, it did not take very long before the first automaton, a cube machine, was developed in 1896.

Play Liberty Bell for the first time

Generally, however, the Liberty Bell of 1899 is the first slot machine known. This machine consisted of 3 reels and showed the all-too-familiar lever that gave these slot machines the name “one-armed bandit”. The symbols of card colors, horseshoes and bells still in use today have been used in the initial models. Due to the ban on gaming in the US, they were set up in 1910 as candy machines, which gave all players a mint candy and some lucky ones still a jackpot.

Merkur slot machines – is the Gauselmann group still available?

In 1977, the first machines manufactured in Africa appeared and thus the rising of the Mercury sun was signaled. It all began in 1957 for Paul Gauselmann, when he began to set up jukeboxes as a part-time job. In 1964, his part-time job turned into complete independence, which in 1974 led to the opening of his first games library. In 1977, Gauselmann supplied the first self-developed and manufactured toy: the Merkur B.

In the following decades, the subsidiary company Casino Merkur-Spielothek developed into one of the largest toy store chains in Africa and already in 1986 the company opened the first toy library abroad. In 2002, the Gauselmann Group was also the first company in the German casino industry, which proudly had a TÜV seal. In order to speed up the international expansion, Merkur Casino GmbH was founded in 2006, which was renamed Casino Merkur International GmbH in 2014. In the same year, the first casino in the Saxony-Anhalt Leuna-Günthersdorf was opened.

But how does online casino work exactly? The development of the internet and video slots

The Internet, as we know it today, came on the market in 1990 and immediately started the first attempts to offer casino games online. Before the opening of the first online casino, Microgaming developed the first gambling software in 1994, which was secured by the software of CryptoLogic, an online security software developer, enabling secure transactions on the Internet. In the same year, the island nation of Antigua and Barbuda has officially allowed online gambling and soon thereafter, the first bets were made in an online casino with real money.

The development of the video slots and the animated table games followed a little later, leaving the moving mechanical parts completely behind. Since then, only graphic replicas are actually displayed on the screens, as in a video game. This allowed the game developers much more interactive elements to incorporate, such as extended bonus rounds and graphic effects. Also, the usual 3-reel format has become obsolete and today most slots appear in a 5-reel format, which increases the number of possibilities immensely.

In the video slots, a player can play multiple paylines instead of just playing the middle tier, and consequently players are tempted to bet more. So players do not feel like you’re getting fewer rounds for the same money, the bonus rounds and free spins have been introduced where players can regain part of the lost bets.